Attila Pal Photography | About
I want to take a moment to introduce myself, share with you a little of my life Story which helps explain my passion for photography.

My interest in photography began in New York City, twenty years ago, as a young man. At that time there were no camera ready smartphones or digital cameras. The camera I used was film, the development of the film and angles of the shot determined the quality of the photo. I loved taking pictures encapsulating individual personalities of the moment. I enjoyed New York City, everything about it, the people and the places was just magical. So much so that it turned what started out to be a hobby into a passion.

Twenty years later, I have relocated to Las Vegas. It has taken me thirteen years to reach my final destination. I have had the pleasure to live in some fascinating places, New York City and Los Angeles before arriving here. Each city with its own personality, diverse population, culture, architecture, fashion, lifestyle and excitement has contributed to my photography experience.

I have been living here in Las Vegas for the past seven years and counting. I’m loving every moment of it. When most people come to Las Vegas and begin to explore, they realize that this city has so much more to offer and experience than the Las Vegas Strip itself. It’s a city of 2 million people, surrounded by the most fascinating geological scenery that nature can offer. I love to connect couples with the scenery of Red Rock, Valley of Fire, Lake Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Mt. Charleston and some other amazing parks, including wetlands that I have explored and visited regularly. In addition we can’t forget downtown Las Vegas with its old charm and surrounding timeworn buildings and museums that helps set the stage for the history of the town. All these beautiful background settings allows me to share a couple’s love story with personal pictures that creates a lifetime of memories to treasure.

Currently I enjoy focusing my photography on a couple’s love story. The pride I take in telling your story with wedding and engagement portrait sessions provides both myself and couples with great satisfaction that their love story has been illustrated in a unique and meaningful way. The background settings that I have discovered exploring Las Vegas and the surrounding areas enhances the love story between two people. The old adage “A picture paints a thousand words” rings true in these settings.

Whatever your setting choice is, I’m confident that I will portray your unique love story like no one else can. I’m excited every morning to get up early, make my espresso and enjoy experiencing the special moments of people’s lives that are in this great city. I can’t wait for when the day comes to capture on camera special moments at special locations. It’s my desire for each person to have the best illustration of memories captured through my photography. Capturing those special moments looking back many years from now, I want them to remember like it was yesterday. It is with great pleasure and honor to do so.

Photography is a constant learning process for me through hard work, consistency it’s always evolving and moving forward. I’m grateful for an amazing mentor Scott Robert Lim who I learned a lot and inspired me even more to never give up your dreams.

Now that I have shared my story, I am very much looking forward to yours. Let’s get together and get started with your journey. My contact information is below.